SWIS - Share What I Search

SWIS is on a mission to connect the world through search. Search is a journey, let's take it together.

Bring Your Search To Life With Media

Search is often referred to as the "journey" and social media as the "destination". SWIS brings the journey and the destination together under one platform.

Add Media

SWIS helps connect the digital world to the physical world as we share
our searches with each other.

You might be searching for a new place to travel to, and once you arrive you can upload your photos to that specific search tying the destination to your search journey.

Or you could start your search with a photo or video stating what you are looking for and why. Your followers can posts comments offering advice and support along the way as you search.

SWIS benefits from the larger societal shifts favoring sharing and content creation.

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Never Miss A Thing

In addition to seeing what your friends are searching for on your home feed, SWIS has an activity section that allows you to see all the activity for the friends that you follow.

If you missed a notification, you can also review all activity for your account.



I'm excited to see where SWIS goes. It's a great idea and I look forward to seeing more users on the app.

Jane wilford


Easy to use

The app is super easy to use. I just searched and when I was done went home and there was my searches at the top of my home feed.

Maci Smith



There are so many copy cat apps out there that don't bring any real value. SWIS is definitely an original idea.

Mike Miller

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