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Most of our time online is spent consuming content. Whether it is catching up on current events, searching for the latest fashion trends, or looking into new ways to grow and learn. Most of us are in search of ways to improve all aspects of our life's health, wealth, happiness, love, spirituality etc. That fact is, more of our life is spent on the journey, the time you spend discovering, not the destination. The destination is often the end of the journey. Yet most social media platforms focus on one moment and over emphasize the destination. SWIS wants to change that by helping people share their journey through their search.

Influence: Share your searches with your followers

Connect with friends, family and like minded people. Nobody was born with their knowledge, we have to learn it. So where do you go to learn and obtain new information? The concept of "can I learn from you, and can you learn from me?" As you perform a search, you create a new type of influence just by simply typing in the information you are seeking out. This can have a profound influence on your connections. Your followers can comment on your searches, providing valuable insights. Perhaps they are a domain expert, or maybe they are just intrigued by what you're searching for. As we become more transparent, we become more empowered.

Share Locally: See what's being searched near you

There is a unique feature in SWIS that allows you to see, and share searches near you. These are searches outside of the people you are following. Here's an examples. -Maybe you're visiting a city and not sure what to do in the evening. Now you can click on the local icon and see what restaurants, clubs, movies and events people are searching for that are near you. If you also share locally, others can see what you are searching for and offer advice. This is also a great way to connect with people that are near you with similar interests.

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"One of the most intriguing apps I've used in a long time. I'm amazed at what some of my friends are searching."
Nate F.
Beta App Reviewer

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